Civil War In China The Political Struggle 1945 1949 -

greek civil war wikipedia - he greek civil war greek e o emf lios p lemos the civil war was fought in greece from 1946 to 1949 between the greek government army backed by the united kingdom and the united states and the democratic army of greece dse the military branch of the communist party of greece kke backed by yugoslavia and albania as well as by bulgaria, chinese civil war summary causes results - the marshall mission and early nationalist successes 1945 46 the stage was set for renewal of the civil war but it initially appeared that a negotiated settlement between the nationalists and the communists might be possible, first indochina war wikipedia - the first indochina war generally known as the indochina war in france and as the anti french resistance war in vietnam began in french indochina on 19 december 1946 and lasted until 20 july 1954 fighting between french forces and their viet minh opponents in the south dated from september 1945 the conflict pitted a range of forces including the french union s french far east, china war between nationalists and communists - war between nationalists and communists in the meantime the communists had created 15 rural bases in central china and they established a soviet government the jiangxi soviet on nov 7 1931 within the soviet regions the communist leadership expropriated and redistributed land and in other ways enlisted the support of the poorer classes, republic of china simple english wikipedia the free - territory the territory the republic of china roc controls is known by most people as the island of taiwan most places on taiwan island are called taiwan province by the government of the republic of china for official business except the two largest cities of taipei and kaohsiung west of taiwan island there are three small groups of islands that also belong to roc